Japan's largest coin-operated locker manufacturer

伝統 信頼 日本が誇るロッカーのパイオニア

In 1964, Alpha manufactured the first coin-operated locker in Japan.
With the state-of-the-art technology and high security achieved over
the years, we offer a pleasant life through our products.

About Us

Alpha Locker System Co., Ltd. is Japan's leading manufacturer of lockers.
Since the establishment in 1923, Alpha Group Inc. has been offering safety, security, and convenience in various scenes such as cars, living, leisure facilities, and industrial equipment through our lock & key products as Japan's one and only full-line lock manufacturer.

The experience and expertise gained over the years as a corporate group have been passed down, leading to the manufacture and sales of Japan's first coin-operated locker in 1964; which has now become so popular that the name "coin locker" is used as a common noun in Japan.

Utilizing the "key & keyless technology," Alpha's lockers continue to evolve into high-precision and diverse products.

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We offer a variety of products utilizing high-quality personal authentication and identification technologies such as lockers that support IC cards and e-money, and safety boxes that use biometric authentication.

The listed products are all Japan models.


We provide lockers that best fit the space and atmosphere in facilities throughout Japan. Lockers are part of the environment that enhance the interior space. We offer a diversity of lockers suited for various scenes.