history | Japan's largest coin-operated locker manufacturer

Japan's first coin-operated locker

On December 15th, 1964, in the same year the Tokyo Olympic Games were held, Japan's first coin-operated lockers were installed on the basement floor of Shinjuku Station. Back then, the cloakroom transactions were done manually and not many users were familiar with how to use self-service coin lockers. It was after they were installed at pools, ski resorts, and venues of the Osaka Expo that they began to spread nationwide.


1923 Started production and sales of construction metal and cylinder locks.
1964 Tied up with Flexible Inc.,US, and started production and sales of coin-operated lockers. The first lockers in Japan were installed at Shinjuku Station.

1976 Established Alpha Service Co., Ltd. in charge of operation and aftercare services for coin-operated lockers.
1979 Started production and sales of microcomputer-based dressing lockers for dressing/locker rooms that use passwords to lock/unlock. This became the pioneer of keyless products and widely spread in gold courses and leisure facilities throughout Japan.
1986 Started production and sales of safety boxes. Succeeded in reducing transactions at the front desk of golf courses and spread nationwide.
1990 Installed large-scale keyless lockers at ski resorts for the first time in Japan.
1992 Started production and sales of delivery boxes for apartments.
1995 Started production and sales of RF-ID lockers.
2004 Started production and sales of Japan's first lockers that use mobile phones, IC cards, and passwords for authentication.

Started production and sales of Japan's first lockers that accept SUICA (prepaid e-money card) for payment and use it as keys. Created a new market in the terminal locker market along with the spread of e-money at stations.

The Locker System Division and Alpha Service Co., Ltd., which was a subsidiary company, were integrated to establish "Alpha Locker System Co., Ltd."
2006 Started production and sales of safety boxes that facilitate two-step authentication.
2007 Started production and sales of safety boxes that facilitate finger vein authentication.
2009 Installed the "Locker Vacancy Guide System" at JR Sendai Station which allows users to check for vacancies of lockers in the station terminal.
2011 Started sales of the FBS Series; newly designed and user-friendliness improved safety boxes.
2013 Started sales of AEL lockers that accept IC cards only. Established Alpha Shanghai Locker Equipment Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in charge of sales.
2014 Started sales of the FF-20 Series; safety boxes which can be easily installed at offices and schools.
2015 Engaged in automatic sharing services for Intelligent lockers that allow users to check-in/check-out to and from accommodations using their smartphones and also manage rental items.